This was our third year, and the end of our first cycle (the training period is three years).

We had students in their first, second and third years, as well as post-grads, generating a dynamic that is enriching and stiumulating for everyone. It’s clear that the end of a cycle is not the end: students become teachers, taking responsibility for their own continuing learning  and evolution.

There were breaks from the regular program, such as a trip to the local  swimming pool to apply the Technique in a completely different medium. In April, we joined Nica Gimeno and her training course at L’estudi in Barcelona to work with Jessica Wolf, an experienced Alexander teacher from NY who’s developed a week-long workshop applying the Alexander Technique to breathing and voice.

And towards the end of our school year in June, we hosted Soile Lahdenperä for a week. Soile, a dancer and choreographer, trained with us in Brighton 20 years ago, and is now Doctor and Professor of Dance at the University of Helsinki. She shared her experience in applying the AT to dance, movement and the creative process.