“I have visited this Alexander teacher training course every year for the past several years, worked with the trainees, and observed the daily class work. I feel I have a good sense of how the course functions. I am very impressed with the way Stuart and Emi direct the course and the quality of the training they provide.
I was myself fortunate enough to be for many years an assistant to Walter Carrington in London, the person entrusted by FM Alexander to carry on the original teacher training course in London. From that background I can say without hesitation that the training in Terrassa is an excellent example of how to continue this process of educating potential teachers in the theoretical understanding and the practical skills necessary to keep this valuable work growing and developing in the 21st century. Anyone wishing to get a first class grounding in all that is necessary to convey the depth and subtlety of the Alexander Technique can be confident that they will find it here.”

– John Nicholls, Director of Alexander teacher training courses and postgraduate programs since 1986


Opened in September 2011, the training school Tècnica Alexander Terrassa (Barcelona) offers a three-year professional training course for those wishing to become certified teachers of the Alexander Technique, and attain the benefits and standard of excellence that result from a period of prolonged intensive study. The curriculum is based on the teaching legacy originated by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955), as continued by Walter Carrington (1915-2005) and further developed by John Nicholls (director, JNAT training centre).

The training school tat(bcn) is located in the center of Terrassa, 30 minutes from Barcelona. It is recognized by APTAE (Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique – Spain) and ATAS (Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies), the international body of professional Alexander Technique associations.

Please contact us if you would like to receive further information on the training course.

Objectives and methodology

Teaching the Alexander Technique is both a rigorous and rewarding experience, and there are certain fundamental skills which form the basis of successful Alexander teaching. These skills are developed progressively over the three-year program.

The training is largely practical and experience-based, complemented by relevant theory. The practical activities consist of working with a teacher individually or in small groups. In addition, students work both individually and with each other applying the principles and concepts of the Technique.

Upon completing their training, graduates will be able to:

  • Organize and maintain a continuing high standard of personal use in daily life and activities.
  • Transmit and encourage improved neuromuscular organization (use) during the course of an Alexander lesson, and progressively over a series of lessons.
  • Communicate the fundamental concepts and ideas of the Alexander Tecnique.
  • Utilize the pedagogic, technical and personal skills necessary to teach the Alexander Technique confidently and effectively.

Practical Information


Anyone with sufficient experience of the Alexander Technique who would like to become a certified teacher is welcome to apply.

The course is also apt for those who wish to study the Alexander Technique intensively and in depth for their own personal improvement.

The training school tat(bcn) also accepts certified Alexander teachers as postgraduates, with study plans suited to their individual needs.

Admission requirements

A minimum of 20 Alexander lessons, including 2 with the directors of tat(bcn); interview; 1 or 2 visits to the center.


The training course is a three year program, comprising a total of 1600 class hours, standard for all ATAS-affiliated schools. The course consists of three trimesters and follows the local school calendar, commencing in mid-September and ending in late June, for a total of 36 weeks per year. Each trimester contains a week-long mid-term break.

tat(bcn) has a rolling admission policy, and students may begin training at the beginning of any trimester (September, January or April).

The course hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:00 – 13:00.

As in all ATAS-affiliated training courses, the maximum teacher/student ratio is 1:5.

Course Languages

Catalan, English, and Spanish, adapted to the students’ needs.


tat(bcn) is approved by the Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique – Spain (APTAE) and recognized by the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS).


tat(bcn) is located in the center of Terrassa, 30 minutes from Barcelona. We are a 10 minute walk from the RENFE and FCG train stations, and 5 minutes from free parking zones.

Address: C/ Sant Isidre, 80. Terrassa – 08221.