This work continues quietly, day to day. It may seem like nothing much is happening, but in fact it’s the opposite.

Without noise or hurry, but with calm, focus, and discipline, in an environment that allows each individual to organize and develop at their own rhythm.

This year we were fortunate to have visitors who presented stimulating new ideas and perspectives for us to consider and take in.

Architect and long-time Alexander student Roger Tudó offered a serious reflection on the value of fluid organization over a fixed physical structure, and how the Alexander Technique looks for solutions from within. Teacher Rut Bordés demonstrated her work with future parents with what she calls Eutokia, applying the Alexander Technique to pregnancy and the birth process.

In April, we had our Italian friend and colleague of 20 years Paolo Frigoli — Alexander teacher (now training course director), physiotherapist, craneo-sacral osteopath — spend an intensive week with us. We presented with him a professional challenge: over the four days, devise a course on “What every Alexander teacher needs to know about anatomy in 4 sessions”! Which he did.